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These blog posts are written by Julie Quinn and are the sole intellectual property of QUINNTESSENTIALS.  


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Quinntessentials for a cleaning ritual

Julie Quinn

Sanitizer Spray and Yoga Mat Spray by Quinntessentials are two products that can eliminate the need for chemicals in your cleaning rituals.  Take a moment, take a breath, and clean your mat, hands, feet, and anything else that needs freshening up.  My family loves to use yoga mat spray to freshen up their bathrooms.  Who knew it also doubles as streak free glass cleaner?!  The scent of tea tree is beautified by the additions of lavender, lemon, and several other essential oils with deep cleansing properties.  Did you know that Tea Tree has antiviral, anti fungal, and antiseptic properties?  

Since we discovered so many ways to clean the house with Quinntessentials we started calling it "Quinndex"  :)  haha!  

It's time to eliminate chemicals in the products we use.  Quinntessentials was born of necessity and crafted with intention in order to give us organic products that are ready to replace yours.  

Live what you love, 





Essential Oils for Yoga class

Julie Quinn

As a Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist I can offer some sound essential oil advice for use in a yoga class.  Whether it's Power Vinyasa Flow or Yin + Reiki there is an oil to top off the practice with. 

Quinntessentials products are already pre-dilluted in most cases so you can start utilizing them in class right away.  I will go over the Room & Body Sprays that are the easiest to utilize for a group setting.  I recommend using a spray in the beginning, middle, or end of the class when you have a moment to get to everyone as they are lying on their backs.  In Yin yoga a great time would be supported bridge pose or any supine twist.  There's always time in Savasana if you're in a fast paced Vinyasa class.  

Your students will be getting the uplifting vibration of the essential oils that are still working with them long after class ends.  It is another layer of healing benefits for your student to receive and for you to provide as an extra touch.  It's also great to use the essential oils with your class theme if you have one.  See some ideas below:  

Sage Spray:   great for a cleansing theme and releasing old energy that no longer serves us.

Lemongrass:  to get us in touch with gratitude.  What makes us truly happy?  

Sunshine Spray:  Uplifting for depression and rainy day blues.  A reminder to think positively

Lavender:  For balance, soothing, calm, awakening intuition, and deep meditative relaxation

Eucalyptus:  to cleanse & purify the air we breathe, for cleansing the room before & after yoga

Orange Spice:  Grounding, spicy, earthy, happy, & uplifting. A great scent for Fall or Holiday.

Basil Bliss:  to rejuvenate the senses and uplift the spirits

Moonlight Spray:  Palo Santo is said to help us cleanse and purify while inviting blessings.Magical


Finally, there's an entire line of Chakra roll-on oils to help support your chakra themed classes.  Check them out and try any of them in your special classes and workshops.  I hope the Quinntessentials products help support your teachings.  


Julie Quinn


The Chakra Set
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Save $35 when you purchase the entire set.  That's $5 off each roll-on oil.  

Make it your daily ritual!

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