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These blog posts are written by Julie Quinn and are the sole intellectual property of QUINNTESSENTIALS.  


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Aromatherapy for Autoimmune Disease

Julie Quinn

When it comes to Autoimmune Diseases no two cases are exactly alike.  From what I understand it's like a snowflake where each case has it's own special symptoms and triggers.  

My intention is to create a resource of oils to use for healing purposes specific to autoimmune flare-ups and triggers.  Mother Nature provides us with a lot of relief if we know where to look.  There are so many herbs and oils to work with that it can be challenging to choose what to incorporate and what to leave out.  So, I want to help create a resource of remedies for anyone suffering from symptoms of autoimmune disease.  Studying herbs and essential oils has been a big part of my life for over 20 years now, and I hope to collaborate on this resource by gathering data about what works for you, the reader, as well.  So please do share!  

I've been dealing with pain (from dancing and being a mover my whole life) and essential oils for a really long time so I have some ways to share that have helped me to live a harmonious life leading up to this diagnosis.  

This blog is an intentional resource and hopefully a helping hand for someone else out there suffering with an autoimmune disease.  I do have some small batch products that are specifically for pain, inflammation, bruising, and swelling, and some products for helping people to uplift depression.  knowing that depression is a major factor for people with Autoimmune Diseases, I will address the use of Aromatherapy for depression as well as addressing the oils to use for autoimmune symptoms.  

First off:  The essential oil diffuser 

I have one in the bedroom with soothing oils to provide a restful sleep

Use ylang ylang for a calming floral scent to ease heart palpitations and provide a blissful mental state of balance.

Use lavender for balance because it has a way of knowing what we need whether it's calming nerves, helping with inflammation, or just providing some clear insight for the mind. Lavender also has antibacterial properties which can help with the air quality.  

Keep another diffuser in the living room or office space with citrus oils.  

Citrus oils help to uplift us.  They are happy.  They help us through the fatigue, overwork, exhaustion, and the mental fog by providing a sunny disposition and helping us to remember the sweetness of life.  Try lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange, tangerine, lime or any combination of these.  

Clary Sage is another very important oil for healing and depression.  I would blend it with a citrus oil or two and use a small dose at a time because of the strong medicinal scent and properties.  It is a powerful healing oil to have on hand.  

Litsea Cubeba is another favorite for uplifting the blues but especially if you feel overworked or exhausted.  This oil can help us ease all kinds of exhaustion and nervous tension.  It's a grown up citrus scent with some specific healing vibrations for restoring the balance.  

The Quinntessentials Sunshine Spray contains 4 of the important uplifting oils mentioned above.  With organic lemon, orange, litsea cubeba, and clary sage.  

These are a few of the aromatherapy ideas I have.  Stay tuned for more information on the use of Essential Oils on your body, for aches and pains, skin irritations, and healing the symptoms of autoimmune disease one drop at a time.  

Julie Quinn 





Essential Oils for Yoga class

Julie Quinn

As a Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist I can offer some sound essential oil advice for use in a yoga class.  Whether it's Power Vinyasa Flow or Yin + Reiki there is an oil to top off the practice with. 

Quinntessentials products are already pre-dilluted in most cases so you can start utilizing them in class right away.  I will go over the Room & Body Sprays that are the easiest to utilize for a group setting.  I recommend using a spray in the beginning, middle, or end of the class when you have a moment to get to everyone as they are lying on their backs.  In Yin yoga a great time would be supported bridge pose or any supine twist.  There's always time in Savasana if you're in a fast paced Vinyasa class.  

Your students will be getting the uplifting vibration of the essential oils that are still working with them long after class ends.  It is another layer of healing benefits for your student to receive and for you to provide as an extra touch.  It's also great to use the essential oils with your class theme if you have one.  See some ideas below:  

Sage Spray:   great for a cleansing theme and releasing old energy that no longer serves us.

Lemongrass:  to get us in touch with gratitude.  What makes us truly happy?  

Sunshine Spray:  Uplifting for depression and rainy day blues.  A reminder to think positively

Lavender:  For balance, soothing, calm, awakening intuition, and deep meditative relaxation

Eucalyptus:  to cleanse & purify the air we breathe, for cleansing the room before & after yoga

Orange Spice:  Grounding, spicy, earthy, happy, & uplifting. A great scent for Fall or Holiday.

Basil Bliss:  to rejuvenate the senses and uplift the spirits

Moonlight Spray:  Palo Santo is said to help us cleanse and purify while inviting blessings.Magical


Finally, there's an entire line of Chakra roll-on oils to help support your chakra themed classes.  Check them out and try any of them in your special classes and workshops.  I hope the Quinntessentials products help support your teachings.  


Julie Quinn


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