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What are you willing to do for yourself?


These blog posts are written by Julie Quinn and are the sole intellectual property of QUINNTESSENTIALS.  


What are you willing to do for yourself?

Julie Quinn


"The next major advance in the health of the American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for himself." John Knowles

Most people know which habits are unhealthy for them but they choose to indulge anyway. We all have our cravings and weaker moments.  So now it comes down to the question what are you willing to do for yourself?  If you know what the healthy choice is, (and it's not just a pill to take) will you do what it takes?  It comes down to several factors I think:  Self love, non-attachment, will power, and a motivation to heal.   

Now that I've given up alcohol for over 7 months I know what that non-attachment feels like and I also know that it trickles into other parts of your life and your mind.  I'm experiencing the relief that comes from facing the demons head on and realizing they don't have any power over me.   I'm more clear about my desires, now I'm facing the next phase of refinement, transformation, and healing with food.  Growth takes a lot of will power, faith, and giving up attachments.  In yoga the word is Varaigya.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Vairagya or non-attachment is attained by practice for a long period of time with steadiness of mind. Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.  I will be speaking about this concept in my yoga classes this week.  

It's not about a quick fix or a 21-30 day cleanse to detox.  That doesn't create lasting change.  It just makes you pendulum back to the original attachment even harder.  

Here is the Autoimmune diet protocol that I'm starting today:  

A strict elimination diet called The McCombs Plan to restore the balance in my gut first.  They say autoimmune diseases originate in the gut.  This diet entails a detox protocol of sweating in a a sauna or hot bath each day for 20 min, taking some pills that help kill off bad bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites, and any other imbalance.  The sweating helps detox all the die-off.  

I can eat meat, but not pork, fruit but not oranges, and all the veggies.  I can have eggs and brown rice, brown rice cakes, and brown rice cereal. I will do this elimination phase for 2-4 months and then be able to add certain foods back in.  

This is where we lose most people.  Not a lot of folks are willing to give up dairy, packaged food, alcohol, sugar, nuts, legumes, grains, carbs, honey, stevia, pork, and any of their precious sauces.  lol!  Especially not for 4 months!  

This Doctor also carries my Quinntessentials breath spray because his patients have to also give up gum and mints.  I have a product line of items that can help support a healthy lifestyle.  I will be using my 3rd chakra roll-on oil for will power and motivation, the Queen's Bath in my 20 min sweating protocol, and breath spray to give me a fresh burst of flavor without chemicals or toxins.  Quinntessentials was born of necessity and crafted with intention.  You can replace all the creature comforts with healthier versions now.  

In addition I completed a blood allergy and food sensitivity test, and a comprehensive stool test to gather the most knowledge possible about my current condition so that I can correct it.  We will make sure I'm not eating certain fruits or veggies that I'm allergic to once those results come in.  I consulted with a Naturopathic medical team, an Acupuncturist, Holistic Chiropractor, and a Rheumatologist in order to come up with this game plan and everyone is on board, now it's just up to me.   What am I willing to do for myself?  Holiday indulgence can wait until next year.    

My Mantra:  "I am willing to give up my attachments in order to feel better because I love myself. "

I believe knowledge is power if you use it correctly.  

Julie Quinn