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Sandalwood oil roll on

Precious Collection

The Precious Collection 

These pure floral waters and roll on oils are little luxuries made with the most pure essential oils to invite a sacred ritual into your routine.  Choose between Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, &  Neroli or try them all.  

Sandalwood oil roll on


Sandalwood oil roll on


Sandalwood is a sacred tree and the mystical medicinal properties can balance the immune system and calm the mind for meditation.   Packaged in glass to protect what's precious.  

The ritual of anointing yourself with Sandalwood water & oil is a reminder to connect your breath and your mind. A moment of peace and reminder of the sacred and mystical place within.   
Balances oil and soothes dry skin.  Use as a refreshing mist midday, for meditation. 

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