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Sahasrara Crown Chakra Roll-On

Chakra Collection

Sahasrara Crown Chakra Roll-On


Sahasrara Crown Chakra Roll-On


A blend to stimulate the 7th Chakra, the Crown, or Sahasrara (Sanskrit meaning "Thousandfold").  Only unconditional love exists here in the 7th Chakra, the seat of the Guru within.  1000 petals of spirit reaching into infinite cosmos.   This sacred blend of organic petitgrain, tulsi, (or holy basil), & palo santo (holy wood) essential oils encourage the understanding of our true nature, cosmic consciousness, and mastery of discernment.  So hum=I am that. 


Ingredients:  Organic petitgrain essential oils, with pure palo santo & tulsi essential oils suspended in organic sunflower oil. 

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