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About Quinntessentials Organic Products

Julie Quinn started making organic alternatives to products we use every day over 15 years ago.  She is passionate about health and wellness and loves finding ways to incorporate essential oils and herbs into our daily lives.  One day after becoming a certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist she came up with the clever name:  Quinntessentials

Julie wanted every ingredient to be organic.

  • Breath Sprays instead of gum and mints 

  • Yoga Mat Spray to keep the yoga mat fresh and clean 

  • Organic room sprays instead of fragrance 

  • Organic anointing spray instead of perfume

  • Organic muscle and bone healing salves and massage oils instead of tiger balm

  • Sacred Anointing oil to support a meditation practice

  • Hair Oil and Facial Serums without chemicals

Private label organic essential oil line created for Fit Athletic Club

Julie formulates products for private label and has developed numerous products for Quinntessentials and other companies. After traveling to bottling and manufacturing companies in New York and New Jersey she discovered that most companies require parabens, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients in order to produce your line. So Julie makes each and every product herself in order to maintain purity and integrity behind each and every custom blend and every drop of oil used.